Welcome to my “new” blog

November 2, 2008

I originally signed up for this blog in February 2007, thinking that it would be good to write down my thoughts on technical matters, and to keep track of solutions to problems so that I (and anyone else) would only have to solve them once. I wrote one draft post, and then the blog sat dormant for more than 18 months. One of my “mental roadblocks” was the name of the blog – I kept saying “until I think of the perfect name, I can’t write anything!”, and so (of course) nothing ever got written. Now I’ve decided to just think of a boring name, and start writing. So welcome to Linda’s Brain Dump – name subject to change if I think of anything original.

My intention for this blog is to make a note of anything I come across in my daily business which I think might be useful to others. I am a software engineer and website developer – not a literary student – so my posts might be a bit dry and poorly structured, but I hope the contents will be useful to somebody!